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I was the type of girl who lived for Barbie dolls. Come at me, bro… But, that was the late 80s, early 90s when options for dolls that looked like me barely existed. Thank God for entrepreneurs like Maite Makgoba who did something about this to ensure that our kids won’t have to go through the same Melanin-deprived Doll Struggle.

Makgabo has created Momppy Mpoppy, a Black doll that’s every bit as trendy as Barbie, but definitely resonates much more with African children.

If you have a young one in your family or home, make sure this doll is on this year’s gift list. Not only will you be supporting a young Black woman’s business, but you’ll be affirming the little one in your life.

Picture Credit: Momppy Mpoppy Facebook Page.



Dem Baby Hairs, a Feminist Stokvel event

Creative Soul Photo

We all know how hard the natural hair journey can be and how it’s taken many of us a lot of education and re-education to get comfortable with natural hair. Now, add little babies to the mix and, well… I’m sure we all have PTSD of sitting between our mothers’ thighs as they tried to get a comb through our hair to ‘tame’ it. And most of us have vowed to never do that to our kids. Well, if you are the mother of a child with natural hair, The Feminist Stokvel has an event for you.

At The Feminist Stokvel Hair Soiree: Dem Baby Hairs, Kavuli, Wisaal and Lebo will discuss how to take care of your little one’s tender tresses. Tickets to the event – which takes place on 19 September in Johannesburg – cost R200 and are available on Quicket. All event details can be found on The Feminist Stokvel’s Facebook Page Here.

Picture credit: Creative Soul Photo

{Famous Fro} Miss Universe contestants rocking natural hair!

Miss Kenya Gaylyne Ayugi

Miss Kenya Gaylyne Ayugi

Even though I’m #TeamSouthAfrica (Ziphozakhe is plain stunning!), I can’t help but be wowed by other African contestants – Ghana’s Abenah and Kenya’s Gaylyne – natural hair.

25 Jan Miss Kenya 2

Nairobi-born Gaylyne has only been in the modelling game for a year. The 20-year-old journalism student lives a fairly athletic life and was once part of a competitive dance crew.

25 Jan Miss Ghana 1

Abena, Miss Ghana, is a 22-year-old fashion student. She’s also no stranger to the world of modelling, having started out at age 3. She’s a real veteran – she even won Top Model Ghana in 2013. That’s not all, though; this year she’s releasing her debut album.

25 Jan Miss Ghana 2

Good luck to all the ladies – we’ll know who walks away with the Miss Universe crown in a matter of hours.

Image credit: Miss Universe website.

Lupita’s side hustle: braiding

Is Lupita basically the best ever? I’m leaning towards: ‘yes’.

In this recently uploaded vid, she discusses her ‘side hustle’, hair braiding.

Lupita explains that, when she was studying in the States, she had a disappointing braiding experience in New York and then had her aunt in Kenya teach her to braid.

On her return to university in the States, she decided to take up braiding as her side hustle, but never could charge her friends for her services.

In the vid, Lupita shows off her braiding skills on six of her friends and says, ‘For me, braiding hair is an intimate thing. Getting up close and personal. I like to do it for people I know and love and trust’.

‘What I love about my hair texture,’ she says, ‘you can do all sorts of interesting, angular shapes with it.’

‘Your hair is your frame, it’s so important, if you jack someone’s hair up, the whole world sees it.’

Join me for a Hair Night Out

Hair Night Out

An evening of (FREE! ) champagne, hair treats and pampering? Absolute perfection!

I’ll be co-hosting a Hair Night Out with The Perfect Hair on the 28 and 29 May at Suzelle’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Marshall Street, JHB.

This is a hair night with a difference – you could get a free hair treatment with international cult brands As I Am and Mixed Chicks.

To book your slot, email NOW!

See you there


{SALON REVIEW} My official Candi Co-ating

champers shotLike many naturals in this country, I have a complete aversion to salons. Setting foot – and curly hair – inside a salon often means opening yourself to abuse. ‘Don’t you want a relaxer/ Brazilian blowout?’ ‘You’d look so pretty with straight hair!’ ‘Your hair’s so difficult to handle’ — these types of remarks, attacks with fine tooth combs, solid side eyes and clueless stylists mean that I stay clear of salons and have a DIY approach to haircare.

Earlier this year, though, I met Candice, the brains (and beauty) behind the Candi&Co concept. She promised to have a Good Story To Tell and was intent on opening a chain of salons aimed at black women that catered for ALL hair textures. Fantasy level stuff here, guys.

Candice kept me posted through every step of the process in bringing Candi&Co to life and I can testify that this is a woman (a) with a passion for changing the SA hair industry and (b) real knowledge when it comes to the field.

The doors to the very first Candi&Co store, which is located at Randburg Square Mall in JHB, opened in May and it’s taken me too damned long to drag myself there. I eventually made it to the salon last Sunday.

The short review (for those of you who can’t stand my rambling): it’s amazing, go to there!

For the longer version, buckle up:


My hair has been extremely dry and damaged because I like things and had highlights done in November 2013. I’d had enough of dealing with the repercussions and was in desperate need of hitting the ‘reset’ button on my hair journey. So serious was I, I was even prepping for a second big chop, like, let’s just start all over, you know? Because I know that dealing with my hair can be overwhelming, I shampooed and blow dried my hair the night before my appointment.



Upon arrival at Candi&Co, I was greeted by the fab manager, Mbali. I was offered a Treatment Menu (yay!), a Drinks Menu (yum!) and a Consultation Card (impressive!).

Candice was at the salon, so we had a quick catch up while I had a look around the place. I was also introduced to Brian, who’d be responsible for reviving my hair.

During the consultation, you discuss the condition of your hair and scalp (they even check your porosity). Candi&Co also encourages you to think and discuss your hair goals and a plan can be created for you based on those goals.

Brian and I had a detailed conversation about my hair, its condition, which products I use and don’t, what my preferences are and what I thought needed to be done to remedy my hair situation. He asked all the right questions and perfectly ‘diagnosed’ my hair issues. Based on his advice, I decided not to have a drastic cut and agreed to having my colour redone. Apparently, the colourist who did my highlights didn’t ‘tone’ the colour, which is the root of all my hair woes.

Brian started my treatment journey by dry-cutting my hair. He took off between 4 – 5cm and then applied the colour (also on dry hair).

While he got busy with the colour, I quaffed on champers and had my nails done. I’m nothing if not a multitasker. Sam applied the neatest Gelish I’ve ever had done in Tiger Blossom.

Anyways. After the colour did its thing, Brian took me to the soundproof room that houses the wash basins and gave me a head massage so good I spent about 5 minutes contemplating leaving my man for him.

After applying conditioner, Brian detangled my hair with a Tangle Teezer. Compared to my usual 30 minute struggle with a wide tooth comb in the shower, the Tangle Teezer was magic. I immediately bought one of my own.

In terms of styling, what I loved most about this experience is that no one pressured me to heat style my hair. Because I’d already applied heat the night before, I was reluctant to take a hair dryer to my hair. Brian agreed and applied a lengthening cream – Three Sisters of Nature Natural Lengthening Crème – and lightly diffused my hair to about 80% dry.



I had a tour of the facility and a chat with Candice about the business while my hair air dried and I left a very happy customer.

What I loved most about Candi&Co:

  • Proper consultation with a professional, well-trained stylist;
  • Good hair advice with someone who isn’t out to ‘fix’ your natural hair or treats it like a ‘problem’ that needs ‘solving’;
  • Clean, pretty and beautifully laid out salon space;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Did y’all hear me? Free WiFi!
  • Drinks menu!
  • A head massage that had me contemplating infidelity;
  • Natural hair expertise and products aimed at natural hair are stocked at the salon
  • I finally have a place where I can go for proper pampering.


Salon details

Address: Randburg Square Mall, Corner Oak and Sentrum Avenue, Randburg, JHB

Official website:

Number: 011 781 3611

Social Media: AND

Disclaimer: Please note that my treatment at Candi&Co was partially complimentary, but this is as honest a review as I can muster. If the salon were trash, you’d know about it.